Boost productivity. Build reputation. Save money.

For a team, a solid mentorship program can be the difference between

countless development hours lost for senior devs juggling coding work and mentoring work


higher productivity at every level of the team

burned-out senior developers tired of yo-yoing between dev work and teaching


higher work satisfaction from developers feeling supported

high attrition as burned-out seniors and unsupported juniors get fed up and leave


a reputation boost for the company that makes for easier hiring and better employee retention

For junior and mid-level developers, good mentorship can be the difference between

spending weeks on a story


spending days on a story

ending up with a tangle of spaghetti code


ending up with a polished, complete feature

frustratedly looking for other jobs with better mentorship situations


being delighted with the support they've gotten

Effective mentorship requires mentors with dedicated time for mentorship and with experience at both software development and teaching.

DevBoost is a subscription service that gives you exactly that.

Your junior or mid-level developers get ongoing access to experienced developers with a strong, consistent track record of effective teaching and mentorship for a flat monthly fee per developer.

💬 team communication and collaboration

🖊 understanding story requirements

task breakdown and estimation

🥅 goal setting

🛠 choosing the right packages/frameworks

📐 architectural decision-making

📜 understanding legacy codebases

🐞 debugging skills

free up your senior developers to spend more of their time on development

est. between 12k and 35k/year per mentee in value

$175k sr dev salary + $58k sr dev benefits
= $233k total compensation

$233k total compensation / 2080 work hours per year
= $112 per hour compensation

2-6 hours/week of mentorship * $112/hour * 52 weeks
= between $12k and 35k per year

make your juniors work more like mid-level developers and your mid-level developers work more like seniors

est. 40k/year per mentee value

  • an average junior salary of 75k + 25k in benefits
  • an average mid-level salary of 125k + 42k in benefits
  • an average senior salary of 175k + 58k in benefits
  • we get them a little over half of the way from one band
    to the next in work quality and productivity

accelerate hiring and reduce employee attrition

est. 10k/year per mentee in value

  • 1 in 3 juniors quits due to lack of quality mentorship per year
  • replacing them costs 30k

Add it all up and it's a value between 62k and 85k per mentee every year.

^ Salary bands vary widely, so these are necessarily ballpark figures. Feel free to plug in your own company's numbers to estimate more precisely.